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collage showing models and natural antioxidants including grapes, cocoa beans and mint

Mette PedersenMette's Scandinavian origin instilled her with a great love of nature that effortlessly links all aspects of her life together.

Having spent many years immersed in the modelling industry throughout Europe, Mette's curiosity to explore the world led her to travel through East Asia; where she had life changing experiences which saw her walking away from the modelling industry forever. In India she was exposed to tremendous healers and learned about traditional medicine and essentials oils. She decided to travel to Australia to pursue the study of Natural medicine and Aromatherapy.

Her passion and talent for therapeutic Aromatherapy saw her excel in the profession. Having worked in skincare manufacturing laboratories together with leading cosmetic chemists delivered her great passion and satisfaction whilst learning the complex art of product formulation and development. She had the luxury to work with the latest cosmetic actives and raw ingredients and was a part of the Research and Development of many formulations in the current skin care industry.

Her long term dream has been to create an advanced skincare range of her own, utilising the skills and knowledge gathered over the years in her field, nothing ever seen on the market. Together with a team of renowned chemists and herbalists this dream came true.

DEVIQUE was born.