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Diana Glenn
“ I cannot rave enough about Devique - it is truly an exceptional product, trust me, I have used quite a few in my time. My skin is often susceptible to congestion as a result of wearing heavy make up when working, as well as dehydration from general lifestyle - running around, stress and often forgetting to drink as much water as I should.
When I use Devique, I find I can apply all the delicious serums and extra treatments under my day cream without ever feeling like my skin is overloaded and greasy. And the night time active serum is a little miracle - I wake up with a clear fresh dewy face!
Since using Devique, I have noticed how much brighter, clearer and more supple my skin has become. The products all smell gorgeous as they feel on the skin and I have no hesitation in recommending it to anyone who takes their skin care sesriously.
It is a beautiful and more importantly highly effective skin care range.”
Diana Glenn
AACTA Best Supporting Actress 2012 (The Slap ABC)
Melanie Gale
“I have been using the stunning range of Devique Cosmeceuticals during the past two years and find them to be a joy to use. They really do cater for mind, body and spirit and each time I use them I feel uplifted and my skin looks radiant and younger.
Favourite products are: Toning Mist – a super toning spray to spritz after cleansing ... I just adore the fragrance and it’s also perfect to refresh the face during sticky humid weather; Facial Cleanser – perfect for using in the shower and my face feels super clean without being dehydrated; Skin Treat – fantastic for those times when you need some intense nourishing after too much exposure to the elements or consecutive late nights; Skin Boost – the ultimate night cream that will leave your skin so silky the following morning.
I highly recommend this beautiful range to anyone who wishes to use skincare with a conscience that is 100% Australian made.”
Melanie Gale
Fashion and Advertising Stylist and Model
Melanie Gale
“I have been using Devique products for the last year and would not turn back to my old products. My skin is noticeably more radiant and no longer get the break outs I use to get. My favourite products are the Toning Mist, and the Q10 Anti Aging Serum. Living in a hot climate the Toning Mist is one of my go to products, and always comes with me on long haul flights. My skin feels so refreshed and hydrated, it really is a handbag essential!
The Q10 Anti Aging Serum is part of my daily routine and the fine lines and signs of aging are no longer visible. I cannot recommend the Devique range of products enough”
Angela Collinson
Gold Coast
Robert Williams, Antique & Art Auctioneer 
“I enjoy using the Devique product range. As a man I find the fragrance complimentary. I use the Intensive Hydrating Cream after my workout at the gym and daily cleansing routine. It leaves me skin feeling hydrated and I love the subtle fragrance. The Q10 Anti-Aging Serum is an awesome product to use after a big night out. I use it around my eyes and wake up looking refreshed. My mother uses the Q10 Anti-Aging Serum too and has had great results!”
Robert Williams
Antique & Art Auctioneer 
Actress, Jet Asha
“ I had to email you about your Q10 Anti-Aging Serum...I suffer with quite temperamental skin and most serums I use cause me problems, but your serum is a dream. It makes my skin look amazing and feel super moisturized without any irritation, so I know I’m giving my skin a treat - Love it! Cannot wait to try more Devique products! ”
Jet Asha
Chrisen Hall, Pilates and Yoga teacher
“ I love, love, love Devique Cosmeceuticals. At the moment I can’t live without the Devique Toning mist, which I use in between my busy schedule of classes. It helps me stay super refreshed and keeps my skin hydrated all day! ”
Chrisen Hall
Yoga & Pilates Instructor
Chrisen Hall, Pilates and Yoga teacher
“ I have a very busy schedule and need a simple, effective skin regime that I can trust. I have sensitive/combination skin and am so happy to have found Devique. Both my mother and I love their range. My skin glows and feels smooth and healthy since starting to use Devique, and everyone always comments on the quality of my complexion. ”
Chrissy Ynfante
Public Relations
Chrisen Hall, Pilates and Yoga teacher
“ I love the full range of products from Devique and have been using them for the past 4 years. My absolute 'go-to' products are Skin treat oil and the Supreme Radiance serum, I love waking up to super smooth skin!.
Living in Queensland, the humidity is very harsh on the skin and I love using the Toning mist after exercise, especially in the summer. I would be lost without them all. I have very sensitive skin and have tried many different products over the years, but I always end up coming back to Devique. I now use them every single day both morning and night, and they make an excellent primer for under makeup too. I find them leaving my skin hydrated, smooth and silky, and never irritates. I am often told I look much younger than my age, and I put it down to the Devique products. ”
Christina Towler
Business Owner
Carla Baldwin, Owner and founder of Nanny Boutique
“ I love how gentle and concentrated Devique products are. You can feel the quality of the ingredients on your skin as you apply each product. There is no heavy perfume like most other anti-ageing products that I have tried only pure essential oils. Having studied aromatherapy in the past, i understand the benefit of using oils on your skin for fine lines, wrinkles, light scars and overall wellness . Devique offer a collective range of products that every girl needs for healthier looking skin. I have every product from Devique now and I particularly love the Supreme Radiance vitamin c complex serum. I had a series of skin needling treatments (2.5 mm) last year performed by a doctor to treat acne scarring. I used Supreme Radiance every day for a year after this course of treatments and I have noticed a dramatic difference not only in the scar tissue area but also on fine lines. I continue to use supreme radiance every day and the effect is quite astonishing. My skin literally feels smoother and slightly plumped up. I highly recommend all of Deviques products. ”
Carla Baldwin
Owner and founder
The Nanny Boutique
Sydney Australia & London UK
Rachel Pombart, School Teacher
“ I have been using Devique products for 2 years now. I just love that they are all natural and so effective! I especially love the eye cream that is beautifully scented with essential oils and is so smooth to apply. I also love the supreme radiance serum which absorbs quickly into my skin and really makes a difference to fine lines- friends actually comment on how much brighter and healthier my skin is when I use it!! I also love the fact that they are all natural and not tested on animals. Devique products are an absolute luxury that I highly recommend. ”
Rachel Pombart
Primary School Teacher
Sydney, Australia
Alexandra Marks, Barrister
“Devique is a luxurious, highly concentrated and very effective range of anti ageing products that I used everyday and have done for the past 18 months. My skin feels softer, brighter & more plump as a result. I have noticed a dramatic difference in my fine lines and growing wrinkles. I have recommended Devique to various friends who also love it. I think that they have also priced their products very well to make them affordable for everyone. ”
Alexandra Marks
Barrister at Law
Brisbane, Queensland
Christina Satin, Recruitment Manager
“ I love Devique products! I have never written a review for a skincare line before, but this one is definitely worth recommending. As a redhead I have very fair, sensitive skin and I do not do well with many products, but the Devique line is so pure I have no issues with any of their products. I love the skin treat because it is exactly that - a treat for my skin, and it feels like silk after I use it. The toner is fantastic for freshening up, especially after being in the sun as it contains aloe-vera, and my skin just drinks it in after being outdoors on a hot summer day. The Q10 serum has made a significant difference to my crow’s feet and the fine lines under my eyes as well. I really recommend these products to anyone who wants to use a gentle and effective line of products on their face; I certainly look and feel better since using them in the last 8 months, and plan on using them permanently. Thank you Mette, I’m a happy customer and no doubt you have several others thanks to your fantastic products! I look forward to any new additions to the line too! ”
Christina Satin
Recruitment Manager
Florida, USA
“ Dear Devique, As a regular sufferer of dry skin and occasional eczema, I'm used to trying the usual pharmacy products which give me little or no real results. I have to say that when I used your 'Skin Treat' oil I was amazed! The oil seems to just be soaked up and it leaves my skin glowing! I'll be recommending this product to anyone who asks. Many thanks! ”
N. Saunders
“ I have suffered with psoriasis on the sides of both my calves for several years, about 5 inches in length, 2 inches wide and thick crusts. Your vitamin C serum has cleared both calves by about 95%. I am thrilled because I have tried a lot of creams, including prescribed creams. ”
I noticed an improvement within a few days. It has been about 2 months now and it has not reappeared.
I meet many people with my condition and will recommend your products. ”
“ A regular customer at work recently commented on how good my skin was looking - this was about a week into using the new “Skin Boost” anti-aging night cream! Thanks for the skin/ego boost, Devique! ”
Julie M
“ I've been using Devique for almost a week now, and already my smokers "cat's bum" around my top lip is less pronounced, my lips feel soft and plumper and overall skin feels and looks so much better. I love the SKIN Treat - thank you for putting me on to these products!”
Annie C
“ I have really sensitive skin, and get rashes from most brands. Ever since I've been trying your products (I use the Intensive hydrating face cream and the Q10 Skin Treat) I haven't had any problems so I want to say thanks for making such great products. ”
Mel K
Southport, QLD
“ I just want to let you know that I have been trying out the products and I love them! At the moment I use the Whitening Face Serum. I love the Whitening Face Serum! I am Japanese studying in Brisbane. I love Brisbane, but not what the sun does to my skin. I like white skin and the Whitening face serum makes my skin look white and not brown. I will be sending some home to Japan to my friends for Christmas.”
Tokyo, Japan
“ I really love your cleansing gel. It's actually one of the only cleansers that can be used on my eyes without any sting!!! The scent is refreshing. The texture is nice, normally I hate gel cleansers but it feels really good. I also don't feel I need much to remove all make up which is good and my skin feels soft and refreshed rather than dry and tight as so many cleansers leave you feeling. I think it is beautiful! ”
Christine Anderson
Bundaberg, Qld.
“ Fab Products! I have been using the Skin Boost for 3 weeks now and can already notice a big difference, friends have been commenting on how great my skin looks. ”
Brenda L
Perth, WA
“ My skin can't get enough of Supreme Radiance and the Intensive Hydrating cream. I absolutely love these products, by far the best I have ever tried! ”
Erinne B
“ I use ‘Skin Treat’ on my psoriasis the results are amazing! ”
Rob C
Sydney, NSW
“ Until trying your products I have only ever found one other single product that doesn't irritate my very sensitive skin. It's great that I have found a range of products that suit my skin without irritating. I find them soothing and the fact that they aren't even especially for sensitive skins makes me appreciative of all the amazing natural and organic ingredients in your products.”
Annette W
Manly, NSW